Retinol Benefits in Skin Care

Retinol Benefits in Skin CareRetinol Benefits in Skin Care: In case you did not know photoaged skin and its health appearance can also give a renewed. Although initially this powerful antioxidant was used for acne treatments, then it has already been extended for the use of prevention of anti-aging treatments, dark spots, hyperpigmentation & blemishes.

– Anti-wrinkle. Retinol is a highly antioxidant vitamin. Prevents premature aging of the skin and fights free radicals. Retinol is used in numerous cosmetic treatments and beauty creams to prevent wrinkles. By eliminating and fighting free radicals, it prevents the premature aging of cells.

– Smoother and younger skin: The retinol stimulates the production of collagen, in charge of the structural formation of the layers of the skin, thus obtaining a smoother skin, with a younger appearance.

– Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation in  skin: Beta carotenes (precursors of vitamin A or retinol) are placed in the outermost layers of the skin and, together with melanin, contribute to its coloration and healthy appearance.

– Retinol for acne: Retinol is a very effective treatment to treat acne. Retinol fights existing acne and prevents the future appearance of acne or granites in oily or acne prone skin. Reduces imperfections, reduces acne marks and smoothes the surface of acne.

You can find this fabulous ingredient in Facial Creams and Facial Serums. Retinol Creams and treatments should be used continuously for several months since the results vary according to the skin and skin type. However, during the first few days of use you will notice your skin smoother, healthier and a more uniform skin tone.
You should not forget to use a good sunscreen when using this or any cosmetic product on the skin.

While retinol comes in different forms “the results are the same” as we said before, results will vary depending on the continuity of the use of the product and the frequency of its use. The process can be slow but excellent results are achieved.